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Mozilla firefox browser is currently still holds the number one browser in the world with its users who have millions of people from around the world, although the news emerged that said access from google crome faster than firefox, but the users of one browser is never going to switch to google crome. Actually I myself admit that the browser is less rapid than Crome and from research conducted say like that. But since the users of Firefox already feels very comfortable and familiar in using this aplkiasi then it's probably the main reason that makes them not to switch to another browser. And lately the manufacturer firefox too, were diligent, diligently update the version of Firefox in order not to lose from Crome. Even in recent months has experienced firefox version 3 times change and now it has reached version 9. As a loyal Firefox user myself also hope that future browsers are getting better again from time to time so as not to disappoint its loyal users. For those of you who want to experience the latest advantages of firefox 9 can be downloaded from the link I gave below.
Download Firefox 9

If it comes click SKIP AD to download the file

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