While out looking for food I accidentally saw it was full moon night,, for the totality of the end I decided to go back to the lodging house and grabbed the camera to capture the moment.

Yogyakarta at that night

Not just in Venice you know there is a beautiful city built on water, there jogja city and not lose his cool ... I took these photos About a 3 hour sleep nights   (-___-")

The Blue Sky at Dieng

Beautiful rainbow I've ever found. located on the plains when the festival Dieng Dieng Wonosobo Culture.

View of Dieng Plateau

When you visit the Dieng plateau, do not forget to go up the hill Cikunir. Because the sight of it in the morning is very good.

Jakarta Kota Station

Talk capital is never separated from the namaya keramainan .. like this one in front of the station atmosphere of high Jakarta.dataran City Sikunir Dieng