Download Game Counter Strike 4 Extreme 2010

Counter Strike is one of the oldest fighting game that never have existed, I still remember when I first knew a very popular game CS is abbreviated when still in school. Period of time it must provide all computer rental game is to attract customers to come visit. Ii unnoticed Counter Strike now has released Version 4 is way cooler than previous versions. an extrem Counter Strike now comes back with version 4. What's new from previous versions in-version of this game has been modified by bluelytning, so the presence of several changes from prior versions.

Please Download
Part1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 (IDWS 735Mb .Rar) Or Medi Fire
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Some changes include:

1. Games tend to be similar to the Crossfire Indonesia!
2. 7 Modifications to be played like a Single Match, Team Match, Zombie Mod, etc..
3. Human vs. Zombie and Effect Plus new animations!
4. Level-Up System & Supply Items.
5. For the Human Damage Weapons and new!
6. Zombie like Invisible Ditambhakan Skill, Heal, Trap, etc..
7. The existence of new characters China Girl, Japan Girl & Soccer Team
8. The addition of Crossfire Maps Maps added.
9. Repair Error when connecting to a LAN and a few other bugs

Screenshoot Counter Strike 4 Extreme :


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