Makna Logo System Operasi

Any Operating System that is used has its own distinctive logo to rejuvenate its users in the recall, but we do not realize is that each and every day we turn on the computer would see the logo of the operating system,,, but do you know what the meaning of the operating system logo it? I think maybe only 25% who knows. Not because we do not know but because we are more likely to have the attitude did not want to know. Untu it for those of you who want to know me just write down the meaning of the logos below:

1. Microsoft Windows

Windows logo was introduced since the release of Windows 3.1 early in the 90's. With a view shaped boxes that have black borders to survive until 2001. Metamorphosis occurs when XP was released, the window design is made waved like a flag fluttering. Next to Vista and 7 are made more elegant with a more glowing windows logo. Window as the logo is described as a collection of applications that are arranged in each window. This is to make it easier to run applications that are separated by function and usefulness. While the design of four basic colors of red, green, blue and yellow are primary colors chosen because it is considered as a color that has a good contrast for the eyes.

2. Linux

Linux penguin mascot of beasts turned out to be an option because of Linux creator Linus Torvalds never been bitten while in the zoo. Somehow it makes it even more obsessed with this animal. Inception, the contest was held to create a logo Linux. And despite not winning the contest, Linus actually interested in one of the participants mascot cardboard with a picture of penguins and told the designers to redesign and make it as the official logo of Linux in 1996. Since then the penguin named Tux by Linus. Many who thought that Tux Tuxedo stands, but several people mentioned that Tux stands for (T) orvalds (U) ni (X).

3. Ubuntu

Red, orange and yellow circle on the Ubuntu logo does look pretty simple but unique. Though the logo is a blend of three people who were holding hands and being in a circle. It is intended that Ubuntu confirmed togetherness, solidarity and togetherness among mankind. While the three colors represent the symbol of the various races that exist. This is consistent with the meaning of Ubuntu that is togetherness, which is taken from African languages.

4. Google Chrome OS
Chrome Ball logo with the name has meaning as an eyeball that represents the views of insight and knowledge. There was no denying the logo has a theme similar to the Windows logo which has 4 basic color choices. It also inspired from some of the things that eventually combined into a mascot. The round logo is inspired from the pokeball from Pokemon movies, and also shaped like a webcam, as well as of a games of the 80s. For some reason some of the inspiration is poured into the design of logo Google Chrome OS.

5. Red Hat Linux
Linux distributions are distributed for the enterprise segment has the look of the logo of the most flamboyant. Here we can see someone using a red hat with a pose that is quite mysterious. If it is added it will smoke cigarettes are more similar to a Hollywood movie detective figures of antiquity. Actually, naming Red Hat itself on the basis of a cap that is often used by the inventor of Marc Ewing while still a student at Carnegie Mellon University. From there began the idea of ​​making it as Red Hat logo. Moreover, the logo is in accordance with the wishes Marc Ewing who want to give the impression that the Red Hat distro that is full of mystery which makes it more attractive to use.

6. MacOS X
Apple's desktop operating system uses the X logo drawn from the Roman numerals indicate the number 10, in accordance with version 10, released since 2001. X logo display like using steel materials describing the toughness and domination but minimalist. Newest package version 10.5 Leopard is taking out the numbers backdrop of a Hollywood movie Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Sapce Odyssey. Taking the background is based on the film with the theme of human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence and life space.

7. OpenSUSE
Linux-based operating system is using a Novell made chameleon green as its logo. Chameleon with Geeko name used as the mascot since the beginning of the existence of this OS is designed by some of the participants in the competition to design a logo OpenSUSE. Geeko is a play on the geek. Definition of geek here mean not as nerdy, but is described as someone who cares to open-source technology. Geeko name is also a play on the Gecko, a small lizard that used to live in warm climates.

Hopefully this information can benefit us all ^ _ ^

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