Overcoming The Difficult Deleted Files

Computers in now already is a staple of every person as well as people need a mobile phone. Today almost every home already has their own computer and not to mention plus owned personal notebook. You find the case file that can not be deleted (deleted) because of corrupt or damaged. Windows will display the message "file could not be removed because it is being used". In fact, restart your laptop will remain displaying the message.
To force Windows to delete the file, perform the following steps:
1. Close all open documents and programs you are running.
2. Shut down the laptop, computer or your notebook, then reboot again. Delete files that can not be deleted earlier.
3. If you still can not clean the file, restart the laptop, computer or your notebook.
4. Restart the computer, laptop or your notebook, at boot press the F8 key a few minutes until the Windows advanced options menu appears.
5. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select Safe mode, then press Enter.
6. Message appears on the screen "please select the operation system to start", assuming that you only have windows installed on your system, press the Enter key.
7. Windows will run some software that will take one to two minutes, depending on the version of windows that have been configured, the login screen or the Welcome screen is displayed. If you see the login screen, type the account name and password, then press Enter. If you see the welcome screen, click the icon for the label administrator account or an account that has administrative rights, then type your password.
8. The message will display that windows run with safe mode. To proceed, click the yes button.
9. Find the file that can not be didelete, then try again to delete it.
10. If you succeed to mendeletenya, restart the laptop, or notebook computer and restart your windows with fashion as usual

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